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Now, more than ever, is the perfect time for organizations to go digital.

Everyday more companies are shifting their workforce to working remotely, which is increasing the demand for digital information and processes that can be performed with a click of a button.

Xerox® DocuShare® is the easiest way to digitize, automate and manage your content and business processes securely, on-site or in the cloud, to give you the tools and capabilities to work better today.

Join us for a live look at how Xerox® DocuShare® can transform your workspace and enhance workflows with document capture, management, and sharing made easy.

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Getting started with your 60 day free trial of Xerox® DocuShare® Flex

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
Learn how to get started with a 60-day free trial of Xerox® DocuShare® Flex, and explore the features and capabilities that will keep your teams productive while working remotely. Presented by Ryan Cooper.

Introduction to Xerox® DocuShare®

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Discover the many solutions and features DocuShare has to offer, and ways to maximize ROI and organizational benefits with Dan Collery and Ryan Cooper.


photo of Chuck Searcy Regional Sales Manager, Xerox DocuShare

Chuck Searcy
Regional Sales Manager, Xerox DocuShare

photo of Sid Price, Business Development Director, Xerox DocuShare

Sid Price
2020欧洲杯官方网站Business Development Director, Xerox DocuShare

photo of Dan Collery, Software Sales Specialist, Xerox DocuShare

Dan Collery
Software Sales Specialist, Xerox DocuShare